Marketing Plan.

What to Expect
Selling a house is a team effort. When we work together to market your house, you will get the results you want faster when we each know what the other will do. Here’s what I will need from you:

• Complete the Seller Questionnaire
• Complete the agreed-upon staging
• Keep your property in ready-to-show condition
• Notify me when buyers have visited, and get their agent’s business card
• Let me know if you will be out of town
• Let me know when you’re out of flyers
• Be open to price adjustments based on updated market data and feedback from other brokers

Here’s what I will do:

Stage One:

• Bring you a pre-listing packet relevant to your unique competitive situation
• Give you an in-depth follow-up presentation at your home
• Use scientifically derived, accurate and recent sales data to derive a defensible opinion of your property  value
• Present you with copies of the Listing Agreement

Stage Two — These marketing strategies have proven results:

• Shoot state-of-the-art video of interior and exterior for distribution to numerous real estate industry websites. Studies show professional video production results in much more online interest in your home.
• Advertise on the Internet in a big way using,,, Postlets, and – for maximum exposure. 90% of buyers shop online before getting in their car or contacting an agent.
• Install a sign and/or arrows to direct agents and the public to your property.
• Advertise in the local newspaper.
• Hang a unique phone number and website address on the For Sale sign to collect buyer data.
• Place your listing in the Nevada, Placer, and Yuba/Sutter County multiple listing services (MLS), to promote additional visibility to a wider segment of local active agents, all of whom collaborate to promote your home to otherwise unreachable potential buyers.
• Take professional-quality photographs of the interior and exterior of your home.
• Create a professional-quality flyer that itemizes your home’s best attributes, then develop a short and a long description for all supplemental marketing materials.
• Install Nevada, Placer, and often Sutter/Yuba lockboxes on your property so agents (only) can gain entry during agreed-upon hours, if you agree to these showing terms.
• Conduct a broker tour, during which the most active industry professionals will visit your home to offer detailed feedback.
• With your approval, send 200 “Just Listed” postcards to your immediate neighbors, since they may know people interested in purchasing in your neighborhood.
• Conduct an open house, if desired,  with the dates advertised in the local MLS.
• Send you weekly updates showing advertising activity and any change in market conditions.
• Negotiate all offers in a manner that honors the real estate professional’s fiduciary responsibility to the seller.



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