Home Showing Should be Easy, If You Are Serious About Selling


I got a call for a home showing.  An agent wanted to show one of my listings.  The plan was for her to meet me at the listing to preview before doubling back with buyers. We set an appointment for 10:30 AM.

When the hour came, the agent did not show.  She instead arrived four hours later, at 2:30 PM, with buyers in the car.

Was I the least bit upset?  No.  Absolutely not.

Touring with buyers is like a weather vane in the wind — the direction is always changing.

Chairman Mao once said: “when the wind blows, the grass bends.”   Flexibility is key when showing your home.

If your house is even the least bit hard to show, it basically won’t be shown at all.

Schedules will never stay on track in the real world of real estate.




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