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Steve has been involved in Nevada County Real Estate since 1997

My integrated background as a Real Estate Trainer, Technologist, Broker and Appraiser provides a dynamic platform of skills and experience that can benefit you when I partner with you to accomplish your goals. 



What makes your house sell quickly and at your asking price?  The answer is to be “the best value in the neighborhood.”

A too-high initial listing price, leading to one or more price reductions, results in a lower final selling price than you would have received by pricing it right the first time.

Setting the right price is critical, because buyers are constantly comparing your home to other homes either recently sold or currently on the market.

You want to sell your house for the best price a buyer is willing to pay. The key to success, then, is knowing what buyers will be willing to pay, when comparing your house to others they are looking at.


The market in aggregate is smarter than the opinion of any individual market participant. My extra training and ongoing experience interpreting the market keeps me market aware.

If you are selling, this market awareness benefits you when you first work with me to set the market price on your home, and then later when I negotiate to explain, defend or adjust the price in response to ever-changing tactical market conditions.

If you are buying, the same skill set I have can help you pay a reasonable price for rational reasons.

Why hire me? Because I am familiar with tools we have for predicting the how a buyer will react to each contributing component of a property’s value. My ‘data-driven’ approach to determining the “most probable price” is not perfect by any means but it is a “leg up” in terms of my extra professional training and experience. It is similar to how banks calculate your home value when they come out to form a value opinion of your property, which is then used to approve (or deny) the buyer’s loan. Clearly, you want the bank’s appraisal to uphold the value set in your listing price.

I simply have a lot of experience researching properties.  Over time this leads to better guessing and stronger support for any value assertion made.

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